Being a Magician isn't just about performing tricks, it's about being able to entertain an audience... Being a Magician isn't just about performing tricks, it's about being able to entertain an audience...

Event Magician

Hiring a Close-up Magician for your guests is the perfect way to help them relax and break the ice with other guests in attendance. This can be particularly useful when certain guests have only just met each other for the first time. Whether it is a wedding, birthday party, charity ball or a dinner party, Marco will entertain your guests creating an atmosphere of amazement and giving them an experience they will go away telling their friends about

The format of your show will depend on the type of event you are hosting and the number of people at the event. Marco usually charges for a two-hour period and generally finds that's enough time to engage with most of your guests without taking the emphasis away from the main event. He is, of course, happy to stay longer if required.

Marco can perform in a number of ways, and you can choose one style or a combination to suit your event:

At dinners, Marco usually entertains during pre-dinner drinks, mingling with guests, and later moves to the main room performing tricks table to table. He excels at judging the best time to approach a group or table.

He is also able to perform a stand up show for up to 80 people without a microphone or stage (more with PA equipment), which can last from 10 minutes to a maximum of an hour.

Marco will arrive at your event ready to perform. He doesn't need a changing area provided.

To discuss the format of your specific event and pricing, contact Marco for a chat.

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