Being a Magician isn't just about performing tricks, it's about being able to entertain an audience... Being a Magician isn't just about performing tricks, it's about being able to entertain an audience...

Where did the magic begin?

Marco began his career in 1977 whilst he was running the back-stage bar at the celebrated Hammersmith Odeon (now known as the Apollo). The bar was for the exclusive use of VIPs, stars and their guests. It was the drummer from one of the bands who sparked Marco's enthusiasm for magic when he showed him a trick with a cigarette. 'I thought the trick was fantastic! Once he'd taught me how to do it I was hooked. I enjoyed the art so much that, even from this small beginning, I made up my mind to learn more.'

Before long, Marco was entertaining the celebrities who came into the bar, constantly honing his new-found skills and building a reputation for himself amongst the glitterati - so much so that he was soon being hired by these artists and their management to perform at their private parties and functions.

Marco turned professional in 1986 and has since been in constant demand as both an artist and a consultant, working all over Europe and beyond. He has developed original tricks and illusions, demonstrating techniques at magic conventions, and is an associate of the prestigious 'International Magic' organisation. Marco has performed at hundreds of events, from large venues to intimate house parties, as well as appearing on national television on many occasions.

In 2006 Phil McIntyre Entertainment presented 'Little Britain' at the Hammersmith Apollo. Dressing room 7A was transformed back into 'Marco's Bar', and Marco was asked to entertain the guests and VIPs pre-show. He performed magic to many celebrities during this time, including Paul McCartney, Elton John, Kate Moss, Russell Brand, Jim Carter, Kylie Minogue, Jonathan Ross, Matt Lucas, Simon Pegg, Natalie Imbruglia, Simon Callow and many more.

Marco has worked with Derren Brown, Dynamo, Troy, Magical Bones and many other outstanding magicians. He was delighted to be invited to a garden party at Buckingham Palace in 1995, and was also asked to entertain celebrities and their guests backstage at Wembley Arena in 1998 during the Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute.

Whether performing at a large venue or in a private house, in front of celebrities or at a family party, Marco always provides top class entertainment. If you are looking for an original act to wow your guests, get in touch with Marco to find out more.

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